Panasonic's Robot to Make You Smile

 Nicobo - Panasonic's Companion Robot

                                        Source:  Panasonic

Very Smart Companion With A Little Baby Talk

Panasonic's new desktop robot Nicobo is designed to make you smile.  It has no legs or wheels but can speak, spin around and nod up and down. It was specifically designed by Panasonic to chase away the blues for people feeling alone and isolated by the COVID-19 pandemic.  It is a very smart companion desktop robot that looks like an adorable little robot for anyone.

Immediate Sell-Out

Nicobo debuted on the Japanese crowdfunding platform Makuake.  Priced at $376.00 with an expected delivery date of March 2022, Panasonic immediately sold all of its available 320 robot units.  Interestingly, for those who bought, Panasonic will require a monthly subscription fee of 980 yen or $9.26 per month after six months of use.

Very Smart, Advanced Technology

Nicobo has a camera for facial recognition of its owners.  It has a sensor that reacts to strong lights like when it is basking in the sun.  When spoken to, it wags its tail and repeats what was said in a sweet, childlike fashion. And it can spin around and nod up and down.  At the moment, it speaks only Japanese.  But if there is enough interest, Panasonic says it may take it mass market.  Nicobo is a leading example of new robots being developed as companions and to simply bring a smile to the owner's face.


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