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Artist Rendering of Potential Apple Car

  Autonomous, Electric, Egg-Like Pod                                      Source:  Designer DeVange Borah What If Apple Went With the Apple Pod? Apple's autonomous, electric car - called Project Titan - remains a mystery.  Since Apple began its quest in 2014 to design and launch a car, the company has kept most details under wraps.  There are no official Apple releases or even hints from Apple of what it might look like.  Designers globally are using their creativity and information about what Apple is targeting to create likely designs.  India-based mechanical engineer and designer DeVange Borah has created a 2-seat Apple Pod that has 360-degree maneuverability.  The design is catching global attention. What if Apple went with the Apple Pod? It would certainly be among the unique, epic rides of all time.  The vehicle resembles an egg on four wheels. Apple Pod Like Apple's targets for its forthcoming car, the Apple Pod is autonomous, electric, futuristic and eye-catching.  The

Mercedes & Mind Controlled Car Concept

  New Vision AVTR Concept                                                                    Source:  Mercedes Vision AVTR Brain Computer Interface at Work Mercedes Benz, at the IAA Mobility 2021 show in Munich, unveiled a concept car that redefines the relationship between car and driver.  With its Vision AVTR, Mercedes has innovated an electric concept car controlled by the driver's thoughts.  The car uses a brain-computer interface to record a driver's brain waves by wearable electrodes attached to the head.  Mercedes has partnered with Disney on this concept car, which was inspired by Disney's Avatar.  The Vision AVTR is all electric, zero emissions with a 350 kW electric engine. How Does It Work? According to Mercedes, the brain-computer interface (BCI) calibrates the measured brain waves and performs a function, such as changing the radio station or diming the ambient lights in the car.  The vehicle also has biometric interaction with the driver.  This is triggered wh

Inexpensive E-Car Concept You Assemble

  Hoga - a Mini Electric Car for $6,500                                            Source:  Do It Yourself Hoga New Travel Concept, Fresh Design Hoga is an intriguing new, electric car design that buyers assemble for themselves. It is the innovative idea of Los Angeles transportation designer Ryan Schlotthauer, inspired by an imagined, hypothetical collaboration between Renault and Ikea.  The designer says it combines Ikea's design philosophy and Renault's mobility program. Hoga is a modular, ultra mini, all-electric sustainable car that is priced at $6,500.  It's designed to be assembled like a piece of furniture from Ikea. It aims to be "clever, low cost and sustainable" with no compromises on passenger safety, easy usage and spacious, usable interior spaces. Ultimate Kit Car Hoga is the ultimate kit car.  It would ship in a box like a piece of Ikea furniture for assembly.   The vehicle is ultra compact - just 2.23 meters in length.  It can be a two seater or is

Mercedes Concept Car in the Movies

Vision Mercedes Maybach 6 Stars in New Warner Brothers Movie "The Flash" `                                                                                                                                                       Source:  Mercedes It's Batman's Car A fabulous looking Mercedes 2017 concept car, the Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6, has been spotted on a movie set for the upcoming DC Comics superhero movie, "The Flash".  It's Batman's car driven by actor Michael Keaton, who is playing Batman/billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne again after a thirty year hiatus.  Warner Brothers recently was shooting scenes for the movie outside of St. Paul's Cathedral in London.  Batman's daily drive is the stunning Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 concept car and it has tremendous star quality. Magnificent Concept Now a Movie Reality The Vision Mercedes-Maybach 6 is an outstanding piece of automotive vision and technological expertise.  The vehicle is 20 feet long an

Smart E-SUV Concept From Mercedes-Geely

   Small Electric Smart SUV                       Source:  Artist Rendering SMART Concept Car                                        Source:  Geeley SEA Platform Designed by Mercedes, Developed & Produced by Geely Mercedes Smart brand, through a joint venture between Mercedes-Benz AG and China's Geely AG, will launched a Smart, electric SUV in 2022.  This will be the first vehicle model from the new joint venture between the two global automakers.  Geely is the owner of Volvo and a top global manufacturer of electric cars.   Brand New Concept Mercedes says the new vehicle will be ultra modern, sophisticated, highly advanced in connectivity and the smartest feature of all - "it will be super compact on the outside and big on the inside."  The new e-SUV will be built on a new platform, Geely's SEA platform (scalable, electric architecture) which is flexible enough to handle many sizes of vehicles. Concept Debut in Fall 2021 The new concept car will debut in the fall

Audi's Electric & Autonomous Car Concept For the Future

  With Last Mile Mobility Solutions                                          Source:  Audi Neo-Bauhaus A Future Car With Everything Audi has created a car concept for an amazing travel future.  The car is all-electric and fully autonomous.  Importantly, it also provides solutions for the last mile of the journey.  The Audi Neo-Bauhaus has big enough trunk space to carry a bike or e-scooter.  During the last mile or so of the journey, should you get stuck in a nasty traffic jam, you can pull out your bike and pedal to your destination.  The car waits for the traffic to clear and then drives itself to a parking spot.  If it is programmed to go to a charging station, then it will be charged and ready to go when the driver returns. Designed For Generation Y The Audi Neo-Bauhaus concept was designed for Audi by freelance designer Simon Grytten.  He says the vehicle was created for Generation Y, those 25 to 40 years old who love innovation and want the "Next Big Thing".  The concep