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 Yanfeng's XiM23

                                        Source:  Yanfeng

Future of Luxury Tech Driving

Just unveiled in Germany, the XiM23 is the digital/connected, luxurious new car concept being developed by leading, global automotive supplier Yanfeng. Yanfeng is a $16 billion innovator of "smart car cabins" headquartered in Shanghai, China. Their automotive vision of the XiM23 is based on their proprietary research, the Luxury Research Study, into the driving public's priorities for the "perfect car". Their findings on desired new car innovations are being incorporated, particularly into the car's interior space, to change the driver's and passengers' experiences during their journeys.  The highly advanced digital technologies being deployed are designed to convert the car's interior into a user-centric experience.  In essence, this new car concept is the result of the combination of highly advanced digital and luxury features. 

What Differentiates the XiM23

What differentiates the concept vehicle is the highly advanced combination of technology and luxury. Yanfeng designers are using a mobile app connected to the vehicle to enable the car to recognize the owner and allow them to input the digital applications they want to use. The company says the digital technology is deeply integrated into the car's interior for greater flexibility to adjust to occupants changing needs.  Lighting is critical inside the vehicle and spotlights design features in order to help occupants engage and control the functionality.  There is a digital Calm Mode for easy entrance and getting settled into the vehicle.  The Rich Mode is for full, interactive driving.  The XiM23 can be driven manually or go fully autonomous.  There is a huge 8K display that is the width of the dashboard and also two, slim display on the floor consoles. 

Research Driven Car

Yanfeng designers and engineers have built this vehicle based on substantive research.  They surveyed hundreds of consumers in five nations to identify what features would create the perfect car.  The research found 5 keys:  simplicity, personalization, service, control and comfort with an emphasis on the vehicle's constant adaptation to the customer's changing needs and expectations.  The result is the XiM23 which is on display at Yanfeng's European headquarters in Neuss, Germany.  For more news stories like this, Flight Path To The Future


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