2050+ Car Vision From Mercedes

Mercedes Vision AVTR Concept

                                    Source:  Mercedes Vision

Your Next Car in 50 Years

Mercedes Benz engineers, designers and researchers have created a drivable car concept that for them embodies what a Mercedes might look like in the not-so-near future, perhaps in 50 years.  It's called the Mercedes Benz Vision AVTR.  Mercedes has taken this concept beyond a concept to an actual prototype car that can be driven and is being given a spin by a few automotive analysts and experts.  To say the least, the vehicle is nothing short of futuristic, spectacular driving. And it has a high-profile movie connection.  The AVTR is also a marketing vehicle in tandem with director James Cameron's upcoming movie "Avatar: Way of the Water", which will debut in movie theaters on December 16, 2022.  For Mercedes, AVTR stands for Advanced Vehicle TRansformation.  It is Mercedes' stunning and profound vision of what cars will look like and be capable of in 50 years and beyond. 

Unique Visionary Features

The Mercedes Vision AVTR is unique with very fluid and smooth aerodynamic lines.  The roofline is so low the glass bubble cabin seems to rest between the wheels.  And the wheels are unique, spheres of urethane skin, very unlike anything used today.  The most unusual features are the 33 "bionic" flaps on the back of the car.  They open and close independently of each other.  They can be programmed to flap and flicker in blue like a bird fluffing its feathers.  And when the car is braking, they go vertical and turn red as a sign the car is stopping.  

More Vision Details

The car has glass scissor-like doors that open wide for easy access.  The inside is a communicative lightshow with points of light throughout the interior. Also, the owner is greeted with intelligent lights of recognition as they approach the vehicle.  The dashboard is a huge, black canvas with no steering wheel, screen or any controls.  The driver or passenger can operate the car with a joystick in the center console.  ATVR is all electric with autonomous capabilities.  The dash contains a hidden giant screen that is operated by hand gestures to trigger the menu.

Tech Specs

AVTR has 4 powerful and highly advanced electric motors with one on each wheel.  The 110-kWh battery is organic, powerful and compostable, when its use ends.  It delivers 469 hp and 700 km of range.  It can be fully recharged in 15 minutes.  This news story/blog is a glimpse at the intriguing future of car travel that Mercedes is developing.  For more news stories like this, Flight Path To The Future


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