Ford's New "Van Life" Vehicle

 Very Trendy 2023 Ford Transit Trail Van

                                        Source:  Ford

Ford Taps into Van Life Trend 

Ford has just unveiled a very trendy off-road vehicle.  It's the 2023 Transit Trail Van and it is designed to capitalize on the van life craze of living in a van or RV, that has been sweeping the nation since the pandemic hit. Ford's new off-roading van is designed to cash in on the trend.  It's a next-generation van ready to be customized and outfitted to the owner's lifestyle and needs, such as a kitchen and sleeping area.  And it is a more durable, off-road take on Ford's electric E-Transit.

Van Life Tech & Other Specifics

Trail is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.5-liter Ecoboost V6 engine that pumps out 310 hp and 400 lb-ft of torque. It's backed up with a 10 speed SelectShift automatic transmission. The van comes equipped with advanced driver assistance, beefy off-trail tires and a high roof for storage space.  It doesn't come equipped with living essentials like a kitchen, but it is built to be easily converted into a mobile home by the owner at their own expense.  It has extra height above the road to facilitate off-roading. The Trail is very rugged with a skid plate to protect the engine and integrated running lights on the grill.  Fender flares give it an aggressive, outdoorsy look.  If you're interested in a travelling, alternative lifestyle, the price of the new Ford van is $65,975. Ford says they are taking orders for it now.

Lucrative Business

Vans are a very lucrative business for Ford.  Their cargo van sales are up 30% over last year.  In fact, for Ford, van demand is currently outpacing their supply.


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