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Connected Classroom = Academic Win

  New Type of Classroom: Multiple Displays, Virtual, Connected Source:  Virtual Classroom New Research for Students & Schools During the COVID-19 pandemic, most US schools, colleges and universities have taken an online and hybrid approach to teaching students.  Another more connected, virtual classroom model has emerged.  A new research study just published in Elsevier suggests that students work best and achieve more when multiple screens and collaborative technology bring them together in virtual and hybrid classrooms.  The study found that the technological combination deeply impacts and improves academic performance. Multiple Screens Make The Difference Multiply displays enables the teachers and students to easily see each other and engage in classroom discussions.  And experts suggest that this model can be easily accomplished in classrooms.  According to eSchool News, schools should use their latest budget friendly display projectors and presentation solutions.  This will al

Important Innovations Collection: Electric Muscle Sleigh for Santa

For Santa's Christmas Eve Ride, a Magical Electric Muscle Sleigh Santa at Mach Speeds Enclosing a magical look at Santa at the very highest level of green, electric high tech, thanks to a electric muscle sleigh gift from the reindeer.  The enchanting blog is written by fellow journalist and Amazon author Edward Kane.     Important Innovations Collection: Electric Muscle Sleigh for Santa : Fantasy EV:  GTX Electric Muscle Sleigh for Santa's Christmas Ride  Santa Going High Tech, GTX, Electric The recent Internation...

Toyota Smart Windshield Wipers

Far Better Mapping of Wet Road Conditions Source:  Toyota Toyota's New Tech Innovation Toyota's connected windshield wipers are designed to create far more accurate weather maps when the wipers are operating.  They're part of a joint project between Toyota and Japan-based Weathernews, which offers app based weather reports.  The 2 companies are currently conducting what they call a "verification test" using wiper data to provide drivers with real-time information about road weather risks.  They say the tech is designed to increase driver safety by increasing the accuracy of available weather forecasts and data. Lots of Tech Involved The system uses the onboard loT communications in most new Toyota models, along with Big Data and artificial intelligence.  It can detect whether wipers are on or off in designated regions.  By using data on the operational status of wipers, Weathernews weather data and vehicle data

Important Innovations Collection: Toyota - Panasonic Smart Homes

Toyota & Panasonic Form New Company Source:  Toyota Manufacturing Japan Focus Connected Homes The two Japanese companies Toyota and Panasonic have just announced plans to jointly develop new personalized technology services for smart homes.  They are forming a new company in early 2020.  It underscores the market potential for new technologies developed for smart, connected homes.  For a news blog on this, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Toyota - Panasonic Smart Homes : New Joint Company Source:  Toyota Manufacturing in Japan "Connected" Services for Homes & Urban Development Two of Jap...

Important Innovations Collection: Ford Vehicles Going 5G

Ford Wants to Lead in Vehicle 5G Connectivity Source:  Ford's C-V2X G System  Targets 2022 for All of its Latest Vehicles Here's what this means to you.  5G vehicle connectivity will communicate with systems around you, give you instant info on road conditions and infrastructure, pull in 5G networks for data, let you talk and listen to other equipped vehicles, let pedestrians on mobile phones transit where they are and a lot more. There's a lot of important connectivity possibilities in the 5G world.  For a full news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Ford Vehicles Going 5G : Ford's C-V2X System Source:  Ford C-V2X 5G Total Connectivity for Greater Road Safety Beginning in 2022, Ford is committed to hav...