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Supercomputers & Advanced WX Forecasting

  Hewlett Packard & Oak Ridge National Lab                                                                                               Source: NASA                                    One of the World's Most Advanced Weather Forecasting Systems With the back to back, forecast-defying storms we've been getting in North America and elsewhere in the world, the prospect of much more precise weather forecasting is of great appeal.  Hewlett Packard Enterprises just announced that it is helping the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Lab build and utilize a pair of extremely high performance supercomputers to model and forecast the weather with much greater precision.  The system is primarily for the US Air Force's Weather Service for global military operations. Supercomputer Weather Forecasts The supercomputers are operating at the Oak Ridge National Lab and are powered by HP's Cray EX technology.  They even have names "Miller" and "Fawbush&qu

Important Innovations Collection: IBM Unveils Quantum Computing System

Big Blue's Quantum Computer Source:  IBM Q System One World First IBM has unveiled the world's first commercial and standalone quantum computer.  The IBM Q System One is the first quantum computer to leave the research lab.  It's on display at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  The computer sits inside a 9 foot tall and 9 foot wide glass case.  It is the same display case as the one that protects the Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.  The computer is so powerful it leaves supercomputers in the dust.  For a news blog on the unveiling go to Important Innovations Collection: IBM Unveils Quantum Computing System : Big Blue's Big Computer Source:  IBM Quantum Computer IBM Q System One IBM is unveiling an integrated system for Quantum comput...

Supercomputer on Steroids

Summit - At the Top Fast, Smart and Peerless It's the world's fastest and smartest supercomputer.  Summit at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. And this machine with AI is a humbling experience.  It can calculate in 1 second what it would take us humans 6 billion years to do.  Summit gives the US leadership over previously top ranked China in the supercomputer neural network race.  By comparison, Summit can make 200 quadrillion - that's 200 with 15 zeros - calculations per second.  China's Sunway TaihuLight, which was the world's fastest supercomputer, can do 93,000 calculations per second.  There's no comparison! Very Different Computer Architecture Summit is an IBM AC922 that composed of 4608 computer servers, all comprising processors which are the brains of the computer.  But what's breakthrough is the computer is using the new Tensor Core in its graphics cards.  That enables warp speed, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. A