Self-Heating Lunchbox for Hot Meals

Heatbox, the Self-Heating Lunchbox from the Netherlands

Source:  Heatbox

Mobile Hot Meals
This is another example of great innovation from the Netherlands. Heatbox warms food with steam. The steam is created by the lunchbox's heating element working with a small amount of water.  It was created by the Netherlands start-up Heatbox. The device is portable and small enough to fit in a backpack.  It's rechargeable and can work multiple times a day. The smart lunchbox heats your food in minutes.  It enables the user to have a hot meal wherever they are.

Heatbox and Your Phone
Heatbox can be controlled manually or by a smartphone app.  It can even charge your cellphone.  The device has a modern, sleek design.  It appears to have great potential for students and anyone on the go.  It's in the Kickstarter phase with product deliveries set for July 2020.  It's a breakthrough gadget that provides mobile hot meals.  For a free Kindle borrow of journalist Ed Kane's book "List of Top New Gadgets", go to


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