Riding an E Pickup Truck Future

Tesla, GM, Ford Charging Ahead with E-Pickups

Source:  Tesla

Big SUV and Pickup Truck Green Driving
Big news.  Tesla's all electric Cybertruck has picked up 200,000 orders in the three days following its launch in Los Angeles.  That's a big deal.  People love the sleek armored truck look and power of the electric muscle truck that is Tesla CEO Elon Musk's pet project.  Engineer Musk made the truck of the same steel he uses at Space X for his rockets. Buyers apparently forgave the faux paus of the bullet proof windows shattering twice when hit by a metallic ball at its debut.  Production on Cybertruck starts in two years.  Prices start at $40,000 and the vehicle has a battery range on the top class model of 500 miles.  Musk has some time to work on the shattered glass of the shatterproof windows.

All Electric Pickup Wars
GM just announced it will deliver an all electric pickup truck by fall of 2021.  Ford will deliver on an all electric pickup truck F150 at about the same time.  And a Detroit based startup Rivian, which is backed by Amazon and Ford, will start producing its own electric pickup next year.  The e-pickup category is very hot and congested with competition.  The reason is that pickups are hot, accounting for 17% of US light vehicle volume sales and a staggering 70% of the profits.

All Electric Crossovers
Meanwhile, electric crossover vehicles are a super charged market.  Ford just unveiled its 2021 Mustang Mach-E all electric SUV to rave reviews as a revival of the iconic sports brand.  The Mach-E will take on Tesla Model Y, a compact e-SUV that goes into production in 2020.  BMW, Audi and Mercedes are also all in the game,  In all, 100 electric vehicles will be hitting global showrooms in the next couple of years. 


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