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New Study:  Less Tiring, Just as Good Exercise

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Brigham Young University Research
New research from Brigham Young University indicates pedaling on an electric mountain bike with pedal-assist is a great workout and the effort seems easier from the rider's physical and psychological perspectives.  The study suggests that electric mountain bikes may help cyclists maintain or increase fitness during their workout.

Variety of Electric Bike Rides
Electric bikes are becoming increasingly common particularly in the US, Europe and Asia.  They're equipped with a small electric motor and battery. The pedal-assist electric bikes provide a boost of extra power which is the equivalent to a tailwind. Riders say the pedal assist makes hills flatter and distances shorter.  Throttle assist electric bikes power the bike even when you're not pedaling.

Pedal-Assist Research
The Brigham Young study found that with pedal-assist their 33 test riders went on average 4mph faster and found the ride easier and less tiring.  Most importantly, they got the same workout benefits as they did with their own pedal-power and no electric assists.  So, the pedal-assist made the ride less draining but provided the same exercise benefits.

E-Bikes Can Be Pricey
E-bikes can hit speeds up to 20 mph so you need to be comfortable and adept on them  They also can be pricey.  Experts say if you want to give an electric bike a try, the best way to start is by renting one and get a feel for the ride.  They add the pedal-assist could be a great motivator for new riders on electric mountain bikes.


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