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Electric Mountain Biking News

New Study:  Less Tiring, Just as Good Exercise Source:  Stock Image of e-Mountain Biking Brigham Young University Research New research from Brigham Young University indicates pedaling on an electric mountain bike with pedal-assist is a great workout and the effort seems easier from the rider's physical and psychological perspectives.  The study suggests that electric mountain bikes may help cyclists maintain or increase fitness during their workout. Variety of Electric Bike Rides Electric bikes are becoming increasingly common particularly in the US, Europe and Asia.  They're equipped with a small electric motor and battery. The pedal-assist electric bikes provide a boost of extra power which is the equivalent to a tailwind. Riders say the pedal assist makes hills flatter and distances shorter.  Throttle assist electric bikes power the bike even when you're not pedaling. Pedal-Assist Research The Brigham Young study found that with pedal-assist their 33 test