Your Menu on Mars

Aeroponically Grown Vertical Vegetables and Herbs

Source:  Prague University Scientists

From Prague University, Important Food Science
Czech scientists from Prague University have created a new lab to experiment on growing food for very constrained and extreme conditions with a lack of water like on Mars.  But the utilization is also for back on Earth to boost agricultural output in places hard hit by urbanization and Climate Change.

Marsonaut Experiment
The Czech scientists call it the Marsonaut Experiment and it's being led by their top life scientists.  They're using aeroponics which grow plants in the air, without any soil and very little water.  To minimize space, they grow the plants in vertical units stacked one on top of the other.

Harvest Time
The team has succeeded in growing salad leaves, mint, basil, mustard plants, herbs and radishes.  They enjoyed the fruits of their harvest last week and said it tasted great. Their next big crop is strawberries.  The scientists are now focused on light and temperature changes to maximize yields.  What is so interesting about this innovation is that it's not only targeted at a menu on future human journeys to Mars.  It also has application here on Earth because the growing process uses 95% less water and saves space.  The technology could make a big difference in arid areas and urban spaces.


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