New Tech to Watch Your Pet Remotely

AI Algorithm Monitors Your Pet

Source:  Comcast

"Pet Filter" from Comcast
Comcast has just unveiled advanced AI technology for pet lovers to remotely monitor their pets.  Comcast has created its own AI algorithm to zero in on pet activity.  They call it the Pet Filter.  The company says it something different from other solutions commercially available.  It detects anything from a dog sitting still to one running outside in your yard 30 feet away and distinguishes that activity from cars and people.

Spot On Xfinity Pet Camera
The new system "Pet Filter" is for Comcast Xfinity Home security cameras. The filter enables the system to detect pets in video clips and allows customers to check their pet's movements. The system's cameras and continuous video recording service zoom in on pet activity.  When pet motion is detected, it creates a smart thumbnail image, allowing the customer to find it quickly and easily.  It lets you see what your beloved pet is doing, while you're away.


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