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New Robot For Pet Care PEDDY

   Highly Advanced  Pet Care & Pet Sitter Robot                                                  Source:  PEDDY Your Pet Is No Longer Home Alone South Korean technology company Guru ioT has developed PEDDY, a pet care and pet sitter robot that combines the internet-of-Things with machine learning technologies.  For pets left home alone during the workday, PEDDY can provide interaction for the pet, including exercise, play and meals.  The robot has the capacity to link to the owner's smartphone.  Owners can talk to their pet through a video screen.  If the dog starts barking or the cat starts meowing, PEDDY can transmit an image  of the animal to the owner through the smartphone.  The product just entered the North American market with a certification from the US FCC (Federal Communications Commission. Lots of Advanced Technology The robot can be used for video chatting, automatic feeding and safety checks while the owner is away from home.  The robot is used in combination with

New Tech to Watch Your Pet Remotely

AI Algorithm Monitors Your Pet Source:  Comcast "Pet Filter" from Comcast Comcast has just unveiled advanced AI technology for pet lovers to remotely monitor their pets.  Comcast has created its own AI algorithm to zero in on pet activity.  They call it the Pet Filter.  The company says it something different from other solutions commercially available.  It detects anything from a dog sitting still to one running outside in your yard 30 feet away and distinguishes that activity from cars and people. Spot On Xfinity Pet Camera The new system "Pet Filter" is for Comcast Xfinity Home security cameras. The filter enables the system to detect pets in video clips and allows customers to check their pet's movements. The system's cameras and continuous video recording service zoom in on pet activity.  When pet motion is detected, it creates a smart thumbnail image, allowing the customer to find it quickly and easily.  It lets you see what your

Communicative Cat Brush - Japanese Innovation for Cat Lovers

Communicative Cat Grooming Source:  Wataoka Industries Neko-jasuri Cat Groomer It's called a communications brush to help an owner and their pet cat better interact and communicate with each other.  It's a metal brush - a pet hair brush inspired by another industry and company focused on metal files.  This innovation comes from Japan, that is a nation of pet lovers. The company that innovated and is developing this product is Wataoka, with expertise in making metal files for 126 years. It's in the Grooves Here's how they've innovated their metal files into advanced pet grooming tools.  The pet groomer has varying grooves patterned by the grooves in a cat's tongue.  They say the grooves are great for brushing and grooming your cat.  And, the cats are so familiar with the sensation they love it because it simulates what they do for themselves. Japanese Innovation At a Global Pet Scale Nedo-jasuri means cat file.  The Japanese government is profiling th