Terrestrial Flying Saucer - New Aviation Tech

Flying Romanian Style

Source:  ADIFO Romania

Inventor Says Could Revolutionize the Way We Fly
It's called the ADIFO, the All Directional Flying Object, created by Romanian engineer Razvan Sabie.  The saucer form has been designed for maximum maneuverability. The aircraft is a hyper agile, omnidirectional, supersonic flying saucer.

Unique and Innovative Disruptor
The device is unique in the world.  It can travel in any direction at subsonic and supersonic speeds.  It won the International Press award and Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.  At the moment, it's a test model, that tested well a few weeks ago. It has a promising future to revolutionize current flight technologies.  For free Kindle borrows of books on innovation in travel, go to amazon.com/author/ekane ASIN: B07MY8C3HG


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