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Cruise & Cargo Ships with Zero-Emissions

  Big Innovation Coming from Europe                             Source:  Hydrogen Ferry Norled Hydrogen Passenger and Cargo Vessels Big changes are ahead for the passenger and cargo ship industries. To meet United Nations targets for the shipping industry's carbon footprint, the first net zero, green ships will have to enter the global fleet by 2030.  Experts say that ships powered by hydrogen will be the key part of the mix . But, because hydrogen requires more fuel storage capacity than other fuels, the first hydrogen powered ships will be vessels on short voyages.  Europe is leading the way in the innovation of new, hydrogen powered vessels. European Innovation Wave Switzerland based technology group ABB believes that passenger and shipping vessels will be the first users of hydrogen fuel cell systems.  ABB is currently working on a fuel cell based power and propulsion system for a new river vessel for the Rhone River in France.  It will be a first of its kind. Norway, the Nethe

Supersonic Passenger Jet Unveiled

Lockheed Martin Goes Supersonic Source:  Lockheed Martine Supersonic Design Concept Travelling Faster than the Speed of Sound Lockheed Martin just unveiled its conceptual design for a sleek, supersonic passenger jet that will travel at the speed of Mach 1.8   It will be able to carry up to 40 passengers and is yet another sign that commercial passenger jet travel is about to become super fast. The Quiet Supersonic Technology Airline The aircraft is called the Quiet Supersonic Technology Airline.  The design moves forward into the commercial passenger realm Lockheed Martin's work with NASA on the X-59 Supersonic X-Plane, which is now being tested. The aircraft doesn't create the intense sonic boom that the Concorde did when it crossed the sound barrier several decades ago.  The boom banned the Concorde from land routes and undermined its economic feasibility.  The new SST both for NASA and commercial travel is designed to reach supersonic speeds with no big sonic bo

Important Innovations Collection: Israeli's Alice All Electric Plane

Israel's New All Electric Commuter Plane - Alice Source:  Eviation's Alice On Display at the Paris Air Show and Already Has 1st Commercial Customer Alice is an all electric, 9 seat commuter jet now on display at the Paris Air Show.  It's the invention of Israeli startup Eviation.  Massachusetts based, Cape Air - a regional air line - has taken out an option to purchase a number of the $4 million jets.  For more details, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Israeli's Alice All Electric Plane : On Display at Paris Air Show Source:  Eviation's Alive at Paris Air Show, June 16, 2019 Massachusetts Based Cape Air is First Com...

Important Innovations Collection: World's 1st Passenger Drones

China's EHANG 184 Aerial Autonomous Vehicle Autonomous, Electric, Green Passenger Drone China based company EHANG expects to roll out commercial version of its breakthrough, passenger flying drone The EHANG 184 in 2019.  The drone is autonomous, all electric, green and the first drone in the world to demonstrate the ability to fly a passenger. Take off and landing happens with one click.  It's a new way to commute that ready for takeoff.  For a news blog on this travel innovation, go to Important Innovations Collection: World's 1st Passenger Drones : China's EHANG 184 Source:  The EHANG 184 Drone Transit China is leading the way in passenger carrying drones.  The world's 1...