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New Robot Expands 5X Length

New Fast Acting Soft Robots Expandable with High Speeds Source:  Purdue University Bioinspired by Chameleons, Salamanders and Toads Researchers at Purdue University have invented a new class of high speed, soft robots and actuators. They are bio-inspired by the high speed, elastic motions of salamanders, chameleons and toads that launch their tongues in a tenth of a second to catch an insect.  Purdue's new soft robot can catch a live, flying beetle in the same way, in a blink of an eye.  This robotic innovation is big for potential use in accelerated automation. New Class of Soft Robots The Purdue scientists' new innovation is a new class of entirely soft robots and actuators.  They are capable of recreating bioinspired high powered, high speed motion using stored elastic energy.  They're composed of stretchable polymers like a rubber band with channels that expand with pressurization. Amazing Robotics This robot expands five times in length and