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New Robot Expands 5X Length

New Fast Acting Soft Robots Expandable with High Speeds Source:  Purdue University Bioinspired by Chameleons, Salamanders and Toads Researchers at Purdue University have invented a new class of high speed, soft robots and actuators. They are bio-inspired by the high speed, elastic motions of salamanders, chameleons and toads that launch their tongues in a tenth of a second to catch an insect.  Purdue's new soft robot can catch a live, flying beetle in the same way, in a blink of an eye.  This robotic innovation is big for potential use in accelerated automation. New Class of Soft Robots The Purdue scientists' new innovation is a new class of entirely soft robots and actuators.  They are capable of recreating bioinspired high powered, high speed motion using stored elastic energy.  They're composed of stretchable polymers like a rubber band with channels that expand with pressurization. Amazing Robotics This robot expands five times in length and

China's Restaurant Robots

Restaurant Hot Spot Haidilao in Beijing Automated With Plans for Hundreds More Source:  Haidilao's Restaurant in Beijing Robotic Restaurants China's hottest restaurant chain by sales Haidilao is rolling out robot staffed and operated restaurants.  The chain has more than 360 restaurants globally including in the US, Japan and Taiwan.  It recently opened Beijing's first robot staffed restaurant and looks to spread the concept across its system, starting first in China. Partnership with Panasonic Haidilao is partnering with Panasonic to automate its restaurants.  It's deploying robots taking orders, preparing and delivering meals, from a fully automated kitchen.  The billionaire founder Zhang Yong says the technology is allowing him to run more efficient, lower cost restaurants.  His goal is to utilize the cost savings and efficiencies to roll out 5000 restaurants globally.  This is a megatrend in the global restaurant industry.  The question is: should you ti