Greenland Glacier Collapse & CC

Quest to Forecast Ice Melt, Rising Waters and Climate Change

Helheim Glacier Collapse

Helheim Glacier Collapse
Several scientists and a Reuters news team in 2018 witnessed the collapse of the huge Helheim glacier in Greenland.  Billions of tons of ice collapsed into the sea.  A 4 mile wide chunk of the glacier broke apart leaving a huge breach and demonstrating the impact of climate change.

NASA & NYU Research
NASA and NYU scientists are in Greenland and Iceland to discover how warming oceans are melting the ice from below.  It's part of their Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) research mission.  They're measuring loss to the country's ice with highly sophisticated technology both on the ground and from planes.  This is very important research because scientists lack clarity on how fast warming oceans are melting polar ice sheets.  As a result projections on rising sea levels vary widely and some question if Climate Change is happening.

Many Chilling Signs
Besides the huge collapse, the scientists have spotted major breaches and meltwater pools on the tops of glaciers, all caused by rising temperatures.  The scientists are leaving scientific instruments with antennas on top of glaciers to monitor, measure and transmit data on the melt.  They're also using advanced GPS and seismographs to track changes.

Global Research
This is part of a global effort to track ice melt from climate change.  NASA, China and the UK have launched satellites to monitor and measure ice melt from space.  NASA's satellite, the ICESat-2 is equipped with its most powerful laser system to measure changes in sea ice, ice sheets and glaciers.


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