Weaponized Microwave Beams

Strange Health Case of US Embassy in Cuba
US Embassy Havana
US Embassy Havana
In 2016, US Embassy staffers and their families started experiencing strange symptoms - dizziness, headaches, insomnia, inability to concentrate.  These symptoms were triggered by high pitched sounds in their homes and apartments, such as buzzing, humming and grinding metal.

New Theory Being Advanced
Several scientists believe the cause may be weaponized microwave beams. They make the argument that people can hear certain types of microwaves.  Bioelectromagnetic researcher Prof. Emeritus James Lin of the University of Illinois at Chicago is convinced of it, as are other experts, according to The New York Times.

Mystery and Debate
The illness experienced by some Embassy staffers is severe and has resulted in brain damage.  There is no evidence that microwaves can do that kind of damage.  University of Pennsylvania Professor of Engineering Kenneth Foster thinks the weaponized microwave theory is not even close to being plausible.  So the case 2 years later still remain a mystery. The debate over cause rages on.  And the US State Department continues its investigation.


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