Volvo Launches Flying Car 2019

Terrafugea's FAA Approved Flying Car, Volvo and their Chinese Parent Go to Market
Terrafugea's TFX Concept Flying Car

Changing Your Commute Forever
Volvo and Terrafugea have the same parent company, Geely Automotive Group of China.  Thanks to Geely, the intersection of MIT engineering at Terrafugea, Swedish automotive expertise and a lot of cash from China is supercharging production of the world's 1st FAA and NTSB approved flying car.  Volvo hopes to make it available for you to buy in 2019.

The Transition and TFX
US-based Terrafugea, started by MIT Ph.D engineers, has been developing flying cars for the past decade.  They have The Transition, a flying and driving car/plane and a prototype the TFX with vertical takeoff and landing like a helicopter, that also drives.  The Transition can travel speeds up to 200 mph, has fold out wings, dual electric motors and a range of 400 miles on a charge. The Transition seats 2 and will go to market first at a provisional price of $235,000.

Lots of Competition in Crowded, Flying Car Skies
Uber and NASA have combined forces and will be launching their flying car in 2020.  They claim it will cut commuting times by more than half.  There are a lot more flying car players globally.  It looks like the future of transportation is flying and driving right to your door.


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