5G Big Debut 2019

5G Smartphones Coming

Real 5G

Experts say 2019 will usher in real 5G smartphones on real 5G networks that you can sign up for.  They're not talking just tablets but real phones.

Hyped for Years, Now Due to Arrive

What 5G truly promises has been hyped for years.  But in 2019 the real deal arrives.  5G is designed to deliver faster speeds, higher capacity and more consistent performance.

Carrier Locked Devices

To start, there are some unintended consequences in the short term.  The arrival of 5G smartphones, because of their unique demands and network specifics, won't be transferable between networks.  So your device will be locked to your carrier's network.  But some experts forecast it will be resolved in the near term through standardization of what is now the fragmented state of 5G


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