Google: Speech Recognition Next Big Tech

Google Forecast - Speech Will Be the Next Big Leap for the Internet

MIT Image of Speech Recognition

Google Turns Twenty

Google turned 20 on 9/24/2018.  And, the company, with a storied history of innovation, is forecasting that speech recognition and the understanding of language are the keys to the future of information and search.  They believe that is literally the future of the internet.

Better Understanding of Common Language

Advanced voice services will be the next big leap.  That's according to Google's head of search Ben Gomes.  He and Google believe what's crucial to the future of the internet is a better understanding of common language.  This is very complex territory as there are millions of problems that arise and need to be solved in the many languages used to search for information on the internet.

Google's Leadership in Speech Recognition Tech

Google has been at the forefront of voice recognition.  Voice recognition is built into Google search and its AI voice assistant is in billions of smartphones around the world.  This technology is essential to developing countries with low literary rates.  Google believes that spoken rather than written words will be central to finding information on the internet in the future. And the technology will be a lot more sophisticated.


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