Microsoft Co-founder Goes Big into Space

Stratolaunch Space Ventures - 4 New Satellite Launch Vehicles

Paul Allen's Space Innovation Fleet

Space Service 2020
Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen's space company Stratolaunch is targeting growing demand for satellite launching vehicles.  He wants to make booking and getting into orbit on a satellite as easy as booking an airplane flight.  Sounds like the Microsoft way.  Stratolaunch just announced a fleet of 4 space vehicles:  a reusable space plane and 3 launch vehicles for satellites.  They expect to start space service in 2020.

Capabilities Include World's Largest Plane as Launch Platform
This system is proprietary and unique.  It will use the world's largest aircraft as a mobile launch platform.  It's capable of deploying launch vehicles to carry satellites to multiple orbits and inclinations on a single mission.

More Details

The vehicles just detailed by Allen's company include the space plane, the Pegasus (access into orbit with 35 successful tests), and 2 medium launch satellite vehicles that includes one for heavy loads which is in early development.

From Software to Space & Beyond
Paul Allen is a legendary innovator.  He's now focused on making space access to be convenient, affordable and routine.  Just like making the internet routine.  This is important innovation to watch.


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