Philippine Inventor Creates Workable Flying Car

"Amateur" Engineer Success Story with His Flying Car
Kynz Mendoza's Flying Car Taking Off in Philippines
Up and Away in Flight Tests
This is an innovation story you just have to love.  In the Philippines, inventor Kynz Mendoza has had it with daily traffic jams.  To avoid them he's created and just successfully tested his solution.  It's his own flying car that's actually a large drone which can carry one person. It's the start of something that may be great.

Good News for the Inventor
The car tested successfully. It rose 25 feet into the air, can fly 15 minutes and land safely.  It has a metal frame of super light and strong carbon fiber and is powered by 2 batteries.  A lot more testing and development will need to be done but his achievement is great..

Mendoza and his group of flying car enthusiasts called Koncepts Millenya are developing the model for 2 passengers.  They also want longer flight durations beyond the 15 minutes on a single battery charge.  Eventually, they want to mass produce it.  Obviously, it will take more R&Da.

Future of Flying Cars
Flying cars are part of the future of transportation.  Terrafugea, which invented the world's first FAA and NTSB approved flying car, is taking a model to market and working on its vertical takeoff  and landing prototype.  Automotive, aerospace and other innovation companies are also focused on this tech.  But what is so neat is that an "amateur engineer" in the Philippines has just created something so innovative and unique.


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