Smart Ships Remotely Controlled

Captain in California - Huge Cargo Ship Travelling off Scotland
Wartsila Autonomous Vessel

Remote Controlled Ocean Going Vessels
The engineer, his computer and joystick are in California.  5000 miles away, the huge cargo ship that the engineer is piloting is off the coast of Scotland.  The engineer is 100% piloting the vessel with the joystick that's linked to the ship directly by satellite.  He controls the ship by watching the ship - a "virtual ship" on his computer.

4 Hour Experiment
This 4 hour experiment was carried out by the Finnish energy and technology firm Wartsila. It worked.  The distance between the captain and the vessel 5000 plus miles.

Future of Smarter Ships
Wartsila believes the future will feature smart ships.  That will allow ship owners to more efficiently control movements, cut fuel consumption and lower emissions.  Just 15 of the world's largest vessels produce the same amount of sulfur dioxide as all the cars on earth put together.  The future of global trade by sea could be without humans onboard and piloted by computers.


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