Life Signs on Ancient Mars

New Research Says It's a Real Possibility

Mars, the Red Planet

Evidence of Support for Underground Martian Life

New research by Brown University scientists has discovered that ancient Mars had a plentiful supply of key ingredients for microbes to live under the surface of Mars for millions of years.

Just Published Research

Based on basic physics and chemical calculations, the Brown researchers found that the subsurface of Mars had more than enough dissolved hydrogen to support microbial life.  Their study was just published in Earth and Planetary Science Letters.

Core Findings

The scientists found that radiolysis, which is a process by which radiation breaks down water into its basic particles of hydrogen and oxygen, would have created plenty of hydrogen 4 billion years ago on Mars.  They believe the Martian subsurface had the capability to support life for hundreds of millions of years.

Intriguing One Step Closer

Let's face it.  We are intrigued by the possibility of life that existed on Mars. Brown researchers have confirmed if life got started on Mars at the microbial level, the necessary ingredients were there to support it for millions of years.


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