Rockabye Baby in Robo-Cradle

SNOO Smart Sleeper

SNOO Smart Cradle

Sensors, Robotics and Microphones Concealed

It's called the SNOO and was designed by a Swiss innovator.  Its sensors immediately pick up your baby's cry and automatically rocks the baby back to sleep.  It customizes the best white noise and rocking motions for the child.  The manufacturers claim it's able to add an hour or more to your baby's sleep every night.  For parents of newborns that means an hour or more for them too.

Sleep Sack

Another important feature.  It has a special sleep sack that attaches to the bed to swaddle the baby and importantly has the baby sleeping on their back, which is the safest position.  Swiss designer Yves Behar calls his innovation "technology with a deep sense of humanity" as it performs an important function for parents and babies.

Minimalist Design

The minimalist design conceals the sensors, robotics and microphones.  All the white, the SNOO encloses the baby in soft, washable material.  It's designed as a personal helper but not to be used unsupervised.  If the baby doesn't stop crying in 3 minutes, the SNOO turns off so a human attends to the baby.


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