India in Orbit - Manned Spaceflights in 2022

France Partners with India to Explore Space
India's Space Launch Planned for 2022

Gaganyaan 2022
France has announced its intention to work with India on India's planned manned missions to space starting in 2022.  The Indian space mission is called "Gaganyaan" for 2022.

French Innovation Expertise for Space
France is offering to provide a wide range of innovation expertise.  The areas include space medicine, astronaut health monitoring, astronaut life support and space debris & radiation protection.  France has already developed these technologies for manned space missions.

Indo-French Cooperation in Space
The Indo-French cooperation is across the fields of Climate Change, joint groups working on future launch vehicles and deep space exploration with the French contributing to India's future missions to Mars and Venus.

Unique, International Cooperation 
It's a unique, multitiered international partnership designed to support and forward India's plans for manned missions to space starting in 2022.  They're also working on a constellation of satellites to monitor oceans globally.


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