Dolphins Smarter Than You Think

New  Scientific Research:  Dolphins Cooperate, Coordinate & Synchronize to Problem Solve

Common Dolphins

Coordinated Success

Scientists at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys have taught teams of dolphins to accomplish complex tasks through teamwork.  The Dolphins coordinated and timed their actions with precision to receive rewards.

Cooperation and Precision

The task for the dolphins was to swim to the end of a lagoon and press a button simultaneously as a team of 2 dolphins.  Once the dolphins realized the task required cooperation with each other, they were able to coordinate their actions with precision.  They even waited for their teammate to catch up to them so that they could press the button at the same time.  They did so with precision - on average within 1/3 second of each other.

Language to Solve Problems

The scientists just published their findings in the journal Proceeds of Royal Society B.  The scientists observed that teamwork comes naturally to dolphins.  They seem to have a language dedicated to problem solving and "talked" to each other to overcome  difficulties in reaching their goal.  The scientists think it's possible that dolphins' propensity to coordinate could be adapted to solve a number of issues in the wild.


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