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Philippine Innovation & Environment

  The Rainforest Connection and Connected Mangroves                               Source:  Philippine Mangroves Drones, Cell Phones, the Cloud Fighting Climate Change In the Philippines, telecom company PLDT and its wireless subsidiary Smart Communications are deploying drones, cell phones, digital technology and the Cloud to preserve and protect critical areas of global environmental biodiversity.  Specifically, they're using technology to protect the Caimpuga Peatlands and the Aguran Marsh Wildlife Sanctuary.  They contain the only remaining peat swamp forest in the Philippines.  The project is called The Rainforest Connection.  Another PLDT program Connected Mangroves is using technology to protect mangrove forests.  These are unique ecosystems critical in the fight against Climate Change. Climate Change's Impact Peatlands can store twice as much carbon as all of the world's forests combined, according to PLDT CEO Manuel Pangilinan,  These so-called "carbon sinks&qu

Bioplastics From Mango & Seaweed

New Green Plastic Dissolves in Water Source:  Denxybel Montinola's green plastic Innovation from Young Filipino Physicist The world is awash in plastic waste with million of tons being dumped every year.  From a young Filipino biophysicist comes an alternative, sustainable plastics solution from the plentiful products of his native land The Philippines - mango peels and seaweed.  The inventor is Denxybel Montinola, who is currently part of the research team at the Academia Sinica in Taiwan. Green, Sustainable, Dissolvable  Plastic His green plastic from mango peels and seaweed is sustainable and dissolves in water.  That means no plastic packaging and waste being dumped.  Reports indicate that it is stronger and performs better than traditional plastic.  It can be used for packaging but in the future has the resiliency and robustness to serve as a means to protect burns and stop bleeding.

Philippine Inventor Creates Workable Flying Car

"Amateur" Engineer Success Story with His Flying Car Kynz Mendoza's Flying Car Taking Off in Philippines Up and Away in Flight Tests This is an innovation story you just have to love.  In the Philippines, inventor Kynz Mendoza has had it with daily traffic jams.  To avoid them he's created and just successfully tested his solution.  It's his own flying car that's actually a large drone which can carry one person. It's the start of something that may be great. Good News for the Inventor The car tested successfully. It rose 25 feet into the air, can fly 15 minutes and land safely.  It has a metal frame of super light and strong carbon fiber and is powered by 2 batteries.  A lot more testing and development will need to be done but his achievement is great.. Plans Mendoza and his group of flying car enthusiasts called Koncepts Millenya are developing the model for 2 passengers.  They also want longer flight durations beyond the 15 minutes on a sin