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Get - A Very Smart  Gadget

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Receive Phone Calls Without Answering the Phone
Get is a high tech bracelet developed using bone conduction technology.  It passes audio through the bones in your wrist.  The bracelet decodes sound waves and converts them into vibration. The gadget enables you to take phone calls without pushing a button on your phone, listen to audio and test messages and make payments.  All of these functions while tracking your physical activity, health, biometrics hydration and sleep. It was invented by a team in Turin Italy.  They say it's a hybrid solution between a smartwatch and smart bands.

Phone Calls
The wearable device has the functionality of a smartwatch with a lot more.  You can leave your smartphone in your pocket.  You take phone calls by simply touching your finger to your ear.  All commands to the device are made by voice and gesture.  There are no screens or buttons.  An hour charge powers the wearable bracelet for five days.  It's an extraordinary smart gadget that's currently in the Kickstarter phase and should be shipping in March 2020.  


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