US College Students Going Hungry

New Research Shows a Big Problem
Source:  Temple University Campus

Unhealthy Young Americans
Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have just released a stunning report about hunger on US college campuses.  It's a big problem.  The Temple University survey has demonstrated that 50% of students at more than 100 colleges and universities in the US can't afford to eat a balanced meal.  35% of the students are skipping meals entirely because they don't have enough money to pay for them.

Food Insecurity
In the US, 13% of the population are food insecure, meaning they can't afford to maintain a well-balanced, nutritious diet and in many cases go to bed hungry.  Recent surveys now indicate the number of college students going hungry is three times that.  The college population is particularly vulnerable because many are spending all of their available money on bills associated with school.  And, because of their class schedules, they can't maintain a full-time job.

GAO and Congressional Bill to Address the Issue
Before the Temple University research was released, the General Accounting Office (GAO) reported to the US Congress that there is a growing body of evidence that many college students in the US are going hungry.  But the GAO added there is no hardened data on it.  A bill has just been introduced into the US Congress called "Closing the College Hunger Gap".  If passed, the new law would require the US government to gather data on the numbers of hungry college students, those with inadequate housing and benchmark the best practices among US universities and colleges to address these issues.  Experts believe that millions of college students in the US are impacted by the lack of money for food and decent housing.


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