Daimler BMW Autonomous Alliance

Partnering to Develop Self-Driving Cars

Source:  BMW Autonomous Concept Car

Accelerating Delivery
BMW and Daimler have teamed up to deliver autonomous, self driving cars.  They plan to deliver autonomous cars first to Germany's Autobahn in 2024.  The two automotive giants have signed a long term agreement and will combine 1200 experts from both companies to develop the vehicles.  Their goals are to speed up development and share the very high expense of developing self-driving vehicles.
Source:  Mercedes Autonomous Concept Car

Level 4
The two companies plan to sell cars equipped with Level 4 self-driving technology.  That means the vehicle can drive on highways and park without any intervention from a human who will sit behind the wheel.

Robo Taxis
Daimler and BMW are also engaged in discussions to develop robo taxis for urban areas.  A partnership trend is developing in the automotive industry because of the high money investment needed to develop electric and autonomous vehicles.  VW and Ford recently joined forces on vans and may extend their partnership to autonomous vehicles in the near future.


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