Lunar Lifestyles in 2069

Moonscape Visions from Top International Space Scientists
Source:  European Space Agency's Image of Future Human Life on the Moon

Out of This World Adventures
Top space scientists from the US, Europe, China and Russia have just shared their forecasts and visions for human life on the Moon in 2069. They believe we humans will be living there.  It's an out of this world lunar adventure.

Here are their forecasts just made in Switzerland at the World Conference of Science Journalists:
  • Human settlements that include habitats shielded by moon dust
  • The Moon will be a tourist destination for space vacations
  • Hotel staffs will be based & work there and call it home
  • It will provide permanent human habitability
  • The human population will come from many nations
  • Everyone will have a universal translator attached to their ear to instantly understand each other.
This is the latest look from space experts at your future and it's an intergalactic adventure.  In the next 50 years, there is a lot more technology and innovation to come to chase this moon beam.


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