Important Innovations Collection: UAE's Largest Solar Farm in World

United Arab Emirates Turns on Largest, Single Solar Farm in the World

Source:  Noor Abu Dhabi Solar Farm

Renewable Energy for 90,000 People & More, Big, New Solar Projects Underway
The United Arab Emirates just turned on the largest, single, solar farm in the world - its Noor Abu Dhabi.  This is ironic but also very promising in the global epicenter of oil production.  Noor generates 1.18 GW of electricity.  Other UAE and Saudi investment projects promise 2 GW and 2.6 GW of solar powered electricity in the Gulf Region.  For a great news blog, on this big renewable energy news development, go to  Important Innovations Collection: UAE's Largest Solar Farm in World: Oil Production Center of World Going Solar Source:  Noor Abu Dhabi Big Solar Projects Underway and More Planned The United Arab Emir...


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