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Invisible by Light Cloaking Gets Real

Technical University of Vienna's Landmark Cloaking Technology Research Source:  Technical University of Vienna - Light Beams of Invisibility - Cloaking Tech Viennese Cloaking Cloaking technology has been a source of fascination in Star Trek and Harry Potter adventures.  It's also among the Holy Grail for technologists.  According to a study by physicists at Technical University of Vienna, it could become a reality with a specially designed material that can mask itself from other forms of light when it's hit with a "beam of invisibility".  The Viennese have developed a special light wave, masking technology that they think delivers cloaking.  They're experimenting with it and developing it. Shining the Light on New Cloaking Tech The concept involves shining a beam, like a laser, onto material from above to pump it full of energy. Here's the trick.  The pattern that's projected into the object to render it invisible has to perfectly match the