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Controlling Air Pollution - Saudi Style

Wednesday Series:  Innovation Addressing Pressing World Needs like Air Pollution Honeycomb Structures Inspired by Bees Scientists at King Abdullah University of Science and Technology have created a 3D structure inspired by the honeycomb of bees to control air pollution.  It's a flexible, 3D porous material that helps filter air to remove pollutants and viruses. Large Structure, Quick Build The King Abdullah University team developed a simple method that in 5 minutes produces a flexible film with a complex, hierarchical structure that has repeating patterns of interconnected regularly shaped pores. It's a honeycomb structure with a very large surface and the ability to selectively extract material like pollutants. Latticework and Symmetry Both the lattice of a honeycomb and the symmetry of a diatom are complex living structures with patterns and shapes that have long inspired scientists.  The research team says they've developed an important platform to design a