Important Innovations Collection: Moving to Hypersonic Speeds

Readying for Hypersonic Takeoffs

Source:  Image of Hypersonic Vehicle
Mach 5 Air Flow and Turbulence
An intensive research effort is underway to make hypersonic and supersonic travel faster, safer, quieter and more efficient.  It's being led by a team of aeronautical engineers at the University of  Buffalo.  They are using high performance computing to understand and 3D simulate the air flow around aircraft travelling at Mach 5+.  That's very important because of the turbulence high speed travel generates for the vehicle.  Their research could lead to a new class of aircraft designs.  For a news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Moving to Hypersonic Speeds: Understanding Air Flows Around Hypersonic and Supersonic Vehicles Source:  University of Buffalo 3D computer simulation of turbulence at ...


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