Chinese Automaker GAC's Entranze

Ultimate Road Trip Vehicle That's All-Electric

GAC's New Electric SUV

2020 Arrival in US
The Chinese automaker Guangzhou Automotive Group GAC calls the Entransze the ultimate road trip vehicle.  It's a 7-seat, all electric concept vehicle that's green, sustainable and loaded with tech.  Chinese owned GAC designed it in California and debuted it this week in Detroit.

Something New and Different - Electric Vehicle and Sustainable Interior
This is an all-electric concept.  GAC will start producing it in the second half of 2019. The vehicle is built with sustainability.  90% of the interior components are made of environmentally sustainable material.  It's green and all electric.  The dashboard is loaded with technology including a built in voice assistant, OLED screens and touch controls.

Look into the Future of Driving
The Entransze vehicle is jello-beaned shaped.  The doors slide for easy access
It provides you a look at the future of cars. And the China based automaker GAC wants to start marketing and selling vehicles in the US in 2020. The seating arrangement is novel, with 3 seats on the front bench and changeable seating in the 2nd and 3rd seat arrangements.  They say this is more like a living room arrangement than a car on the road,


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