MIT Robotic First

Mini Cheetah Does 360 Backflips & a Lot More
MIT's Mini Cheetah

Quadruped Success
This is a four-legged robotic success story.  MIT's Mini Cheetah weighs only 20 pounds and is capable of incredible dexterity including full, 360 backflips.  The robotic agility is a world first. And its speed is impressive.  It's a highly nimble successor to the much heavier Cheetah 3.

Ten Mini Cheetah's
The quadruped robot was created by MIT's Biometric Robotics Laboratory.  It can traverse rough, uneven terrain twice as fast as the average human.  It can also walk right-side up and upside down. The MIT roboticists are currently building a set of 10 mini Cheetahs.  The team says the robot is very robust, virtually indestructible and if it does break is very easy to fix.  It will be formally introduced at an international robotics conference in May.


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