New Innovation - Telemedicine Booths

OnMed Telemedicine Booths

Source:  OnMed 

Innovation and Technology at the Cutting Edge of Health Care
The concept is drawn from the public accessibility of old, land line telephone booths.  But the application is new, innovative and exciting for telemedicine.  OnMed's Telemedicine Booths have the potential to make health care much more accessible, affordable and convenient for the general public. The company will roll out the first stations in Mississippi in April.

Six Years Under Development
OnMed is a Clearwater, FL based company.  It's been developing this "doctor in a booth" innovative technology concept for six years.  The small booth, OnMed Station is equipped with a ton of sensors, video and audio technologies, including facial recognition technology to ensure privacy.  Doctor and patient can communicate in real time and data can be transmitted to the doctor from the booth.  The data includes weight, height, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.  The system can even provide a thermal image of the person's body and send it to the doctor for medical review. It even has an HD camera to look down a patient's throat.

New Health Care Innovation
After the data is gathered, the station can dispense medicine from its onboard supply or print a prescription via the online doctor.  OnMed guarantees their doctors are board certified.  They also guarantee patient confidentiality and security and a UV lighting system to sanitize the booths between visits. This unstaffed booth is designed for use by health care systems, employers and government organizations to facilitate access to busy ER departments.  The company is targeting this new health care access system at airports, rural locations, campuses and worksites for 24/7 healthcare.


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