Important Innovations Collection: Race for Portable Atomic Clocks

Global Science Race to Create the World's 1st Portable Atomic Clock
Source:  University of Sussex

New Breakthrough from Physicists at the UK's University of Sussex
One of the biggest competitions in the global scientific community is to be the first to create a portable atomic clock.  Physicists in the UK at the University of Sussex have just achieved a  breakthrough by using a highly advanced laser technology that has increased the clock's counting accuracy by 80%.  Experts say portable atomic clocks will eventually replace satellite mapping and GPS.  They add the technology will change for the better our everyday lives.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Race for Portable Atomic Clocks: Global Race to Create the First - New Breakthrough Source:  Drawing from University of Sussex of a Laser Pulse in a Chip UK Physicist...


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