Stan - Car Parking Robot - World First

World's First Outdoor Parking Lot Robot Valet Service

Source:  Stanley Robotic

New From Stanley Robotics
Stanley Robotics just premiered its car parking robot, Stan. Stan is autonomous and electric powered. The robot is loaded with artificial intelligence. And it's the world's first outdoor parking lot robot valet service. Stan is designed primarily to park cars at airports.  Consider the convenience and time savings the car parking robot potentially delivers to travelers late for a flight.

Robotic Parking System
Stanley has designed more than Stan the robot.  Stan is part of a total package.  The package includes:

  • private parking lots not open to the general public 
  • spacious, bright box-like containers to drop off your car
  • terminal reservation system
  • Stan valets
The AI enables the robots to navigate to the car being dropped off.  It gently picks up the car with its arms that are like forklifts.  The robot then slips the car into a parking spot.

Better than Human Drivers
The robot is able to park 50% more cars into the lot than human driver can.  The robots can also access the car owners' flight information.  That enables Stan to deliver the car to a designated location.  This robotic innovation has the potential of being a great convenience to travelers who don't have to search an airport parking lot for a spot to park their car or find it after a long flight.


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