AI Enhanced Hearing

Evoke's Machine Learning Technology

Source:  Widex 

Very Smart Hearing Aids
It's called Evoke.  It's an AI enhanced hearing aid just developed that's state of the art.  The smart device uses machine learning to optimize sound quality for the listener.  With millions of people globally having impaired hearing, this new innovation has great humanitarian potential. This new technology was introduced at 2019 CES by Widex.  The company calls it high definition hearing.

SoundSense AI Technology
The device's AI SoundSense technology pulls in real time data and uses it to adjust volume and customize settings for the individual. It's a battery-free hearing device.

Widex Energy Cell
Evoke is powered by Widex's Energy cell that combines oxygen and methanol and lasts for 24 hours.  The recharge takes only 20 seconds and it's good to go for another day.


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