Car or Bike? Both- Personal Mobility

Seat Electric Minimo
Source: Seat Minimo - Unique Innovation in Personal Mobility

Personal Mobility Innovation from Spain
Seat Electric Minimo is a concept vehicle that bridges technologies in motorbikes and cars.  It's an unique innovation in personal mobility from Spain and goes into production in 2021.  It just debuted at the Geneva International Auto Show and in Barcelona at the Mobile World Congress.  The company behind it - Seat - is headquartered in Spain.

All Electric, Fast, Swappable Battery Recharge
The vehicle combines the smaller dimensions of a motorcycle with the comfort and size of a car.  It can seat 2 people but is 50% smaller than a regular car. The vehicle is all electric with a driving range of 62 miles on a fully charged battery.  What is the real electric vehicle differentiator is that the Seat battery can be swapped in seconds, which means this electric vehicle is much faster to recharge than other electric cars.

Other Unique Aspects
The Seat has a fully enclosed cabin and two doors that are differently sized and designed to open in small spaces.  It also has a digital key, wireless Android Auto Technology and is designed to receive Level 4 autonomous technology.  When that technology is deployed, the vehicle will be able to pick you up at your request.


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