Autonomous Shuttles to Debut in NYC

Optimus Ride
Source:  Optimus Ride

Big Trial Deployment at Brooklyn Navy Yard
Boston startup Optimus Ride will run autonomous shuttle vehicles at the Brooklyn Navy Yard to help workers get around the huge facility.  The self-driving shuttle vehicles will be operating by summer and the company hopes to expand beyond that.  Its an autonomous shuttle vehicle debut in NYC.

Global Testing of Self-Driving Vehicles
Autonomous vehicles are being tested in trial runs globally.  Some regulators, including in the US, have halted some trial projects because of crashes.  US regulators recently halted a driverless school bus trial.

Optimum Trial
Optimus Ride vehicles will operate up to 25 mph.  And the company intends to increase the number of vehicles at the Brooklyn Navy Yard during the deployment.  Globally there are a number of high profile projects underway.  Examples include Google's Waymo self-driving vehicles for supermarket shoppers in Phoenix.  And in Singapore, there are driverless shuttles at the Technical University for students to get around campus  Singapore also plans to have driverless buses by 2022.

Intelligent Vehicle Systems
Meanwhile, companies like Innoviz Technologies of Israel are developing advanced vehicle intelligence systems with Lidar and computer vision software to increase autonomous vehicle safety.  BMW will install InnovizOne vehicle intelligence into its autonomous cars starting in 2021.


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