Important Innovations Collection: World's Fastest Super Computer

World's Fastest Supercomputer

Source:  Argonne National Laboratory

US Energy Dept.'s Aurora Exascale Computer at Argonne National Laboratory
The US Energy Department's Argonne National Laboratory along with Intel and Cray are developing a $500 million supercomputer that will be the fastest in the US. It's the nation's first exascale computer, capable of doing one quintillion operations in a second, or 1 billion-billion operations per second.  The potential uses of this computer, designed for the next generation of artificial intelligence, are many including solving some of the world's most complex and important scientific challenges.  For a great news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: World's Fastest Super Computer: US Department of Energy's Aurora Source:  Argonne National Lab  One Billion-Billion Operations Per Second At the US Department o...


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