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MIT's Remarkable Robotic Boat

  Roboats Loaded with Tech to Communicate and Connect                                             Source:  MIT C-SAIL In Service, Self-Navigating Amsterdam Canals From the world famous MIT C-SAIL a team of engineers and roboticists created the Roboat, a robotic boat that uses the same autonomous self-driving technology for cars but adapted for the water. That adaptation was extremely innovative.  Roboat II has been under development for five years.  It is now large enough to carry passengers through the tricky canals in Amsterdam. It does so autonomously.  Importantly, the Roboats are capable of communicating and connecting with each other because of greatly advanced control algorithms and navigation systems.  That capability opens up new forms of transportation possibilities on water. Tremendous Tech Layered In The Roboat has four propellers that enable it to move in any direction.  It contains GPS, Lidar and inertial sensors.  At the moment, it is six feet long and can carry two pass

New Smartwatch That's Really Smart

VOIXATCH with Bluetooth Headset Built-In Source:  VOIXATCH Watch with Artificial Intelligence and a Voice The VOIXATCH smartwatch's capabilities seem endless.  It has all the functionality of a smartphone on a cellular enabled smartwatch with a built-in Bluetooth headset.  You can detach the headset from the watch with the press of a button and place it around your ear.  It enables you to answer calls coming in over your smartwatch. You can also listen to music, other audio sources and send voice texts.  And, that's not all. Multitasking Smartwatch VOIXATCH has a heartbeat sensor, a gyroscope, GPS, LTE, Google Voice Assistant and its own Google voice assistant. It also has its own SIM Card. Lots of Battery Time The system has a battery life of 48 hours. And, the headset can be instantly recharged by anchoring it back inside the watch.  You can even provide voice commands through the watch's artificial intelligence.  It's available on Kicks

Smart Wearable Device for Dogs

Tracks Your Pet's Location and Their Health Source:  Whistle Whistle Wearables These new gadgets, The Whistle Go and Whistle Explore, help you keep track of your pet's health and location simultaneously.  The device provides location alerts, real time tracking, fitness features, escape alerts from their space and health monitoring.  The battery lasts ten days and the device is waterproof.  It may be Fido's new best friend for protection. GPS Tracking These devices have real-time GPS tracking.  The Whistle Explore is designed for athletic, outdoor dogs that run longer distances in rural locations and rugged environments. Whistle Go Whistle Go is designed for more typical dogs that stay closer to home.  It has GPS but it also monitors your dog's behavior like scratching and sleeping.  It also has an updated app system including weekly heat maps, the dog's daily trips and the progress that your pet is making toward health goals.  It's a new digital wa

Important Innovations Collection: Race for Portable Atomic Clocks

Global Science Race to Create the World's 1st Portable Atomic Clock Source:  University of Sussex New Breakthrough from Physicists at the UK's University of Sussex One of the biggest competitions in the global scientific community is to be the first to create a portable atomic clock.  Physicists in the UK at the University of Sussex have just achieved a  breakthrough by using a highly advanced laser technology that has increased the clock's counting accuracy by 80%.  Experts say portable atomic clocks will eventually replace satellite mapping and GPS.  They add the technology will change for the better our everyday lives.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Race for Portable Atomic Clocks : Global Race to Create the First - New Breakthrough Source:  Drawing from University of Sussex of a Laser Pulse in a Chip UK Physicist...