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1st Wearable HD Camera for Dogs

Real Time, Advanced Monitor for When Fido is Home Alone Source:  PetNow Seeing Your Dog's POV PetNow of Toronto, Canada has invented what they're calling the world's 1st, wearable, High Definition camera for dogs.  It shows you the world from your dog's perspective.  And, most importantly, it is a real time monitor, loaded with technology, that shows you exactly what your dog is doing when they're home alone.  The smart camera is WiFi enabled and sits in a harness around the dog's neck.  The system also has 2-way, live audio that allows you to communicate to your pet in real-time. Home Security This advanced dog security monitoring system can be detached from the dog's harness and function as a standard home security camera. For the dog POV, the video from the camera can be lived streamed to a paired device via the internet.  The device can store, record, share the video and capture still images.  As mentioned, there's also a 2-way talk system

New Innovation - Telemedicine Booths

OnMed Telemedicine Booths Source:  OnMed  Innovation and Technology at the Cutting Edge of Health Care The concept is drawn from the public accessibility of old, land line telephone booths.  But the application is new, innovative and exciting for telemedicine.  OnMed's Telemedicine Booths have the potential to make health care much more accessible, affordable and convenient for the general public. The company will roll out the first stations in Mississippi in April. Six Years Under Development OnMed is a Clearwater, FL based company.  It's been developing this "doctor in a booth" innovative technology concept for six years.  The small booth, OnMed Station is equipped with a ton of sensors, video and audio technologies, including facial recognition technology to ensure privacy.  Doctor and patient can communicate in real time and data can be transmitted to the doctor from the booth.  The data includes weight, height, blood pressure and blood oxygen levels.